Harmonious Discussion – Friday 17 April, 2020

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Supporting Mental Health Practitioners through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Due to the global pandemic, our in-person Harmonious Discussions have been postponed, but that didn’t stop us at Brisbane Harmony Centre! Catherine hosted an online event to check in with our network of mental health practitioners about the challenges of working on healing trauma during a global pandemic in which the world feels a little less safe and a little less under control.

7th Harmonious Discussion Supporting Mental Health Practitioners through the COVID-19 Pandemic

We heard from our colleagues about the frustrations, difficulties and silver linings associated with moving our practices online, we shared tips and wisdom that we accumulated rapidly over those early intense weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. We took time to gather hope for the future, and enjoyed warmth, support and laughter together. Thanks to everyone who participated – our community and the support that we enjoy and offer has never been more valuable than now!