Harmonious Discussion – Friday 19 July, 2019

In Trainings for mental health practitioners by Brisbane Harmony Centre

A Book Club Discussion Part One: “EMDR and Dissociation: The Progressive Approach” by Anabel Gonzalez and Dolores Mosquera.

We recently hosted our first Harmonious Discussion run in a ‘Therapist Book Club’ format.  Thank you to everyone who attended and took a deep dive into the first few chapters of this insightful book, with the presentation led by Ainsley Salsbury.

Harmonious Discussion - Friday 19 July 2019 – A Book Club Discussion

The book and the model integrate clinical wisdom, science and knowledge from a broad range of fields.  The model seeks to equip EMDR practitioners with a rich theoretical framework for planning and delivering safe effective treatment for people who have suffered early and/or severe traumatisation.

It was incredibly useful to explore and discuss these perspectives as a peer group.  We look forward also to future Harmonious Discussions where we can further immerse ourselves in the practical application of this broadly informed framework and associated techniques.  These approaches hold so much promise for addressing complexities and getting good outcomes for clients.

The authors will be presenting at a 4 day conference in Sydney in November 2019, which Ainsley will be attending on behalf of Brisbane Harmony Centre.  If you are going to be there too, please say hi!